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Judy Fowler

Community and Environment Committee Chairman

I left Midhurst when I was 10 and returned to 'centre of the Universe' in 1986.  I was co-opted onto the town council in 1998 where I served on the Community & Environment and Planning Committees.  I had a break in 2015 and rejoined the council last year.

As a former social worker, I am interested in social care and for some years have represented the council on the George Ognells almshouse charity - I now chair this group.  I've volunteered at the Grange Centre (both buildings!) for more years than I care to think about; I'm a founder member of the tourism partnership and I was active in Midhurst twinning for many years, eventually serving as chair.   

My interests are largely arts-based and I'm glad to see how our annual festival MADhurst has blossomed over the years, drawing our community together.  Community spirit might be an overworked expression but I feel there's evidence it exists in spadefuls in Midhurst and I'd like to work to make sure it stays that way.