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Midhurst Carnival - Monday August 26th

The Birds and The Bees

We are celebrating 10 years of MADHURST this year and what a great way too with an exciting theme like The Birds and The Bees! 

This year's Midhurst Carnival takes place on August Bank Holiday (26th August), which is the last day of the first ever month long MADhurst Festival. 

It starts at 12 noon from the Grange Car Park and ends at the MADhurst Showground.

Procession2 MADhurst

Bands include the Sussex Steel Band from Bognor and The Burgess Hill Marching Band who will join other bands and groups from Midhurst and elsewhere.

There will be plenty to keep everyone excited and a little something for all tastes! 

Procession3 MADhurst

We do not have a big make this year but we do have some wonderful things planned in place of it. Kids can get involved too and children 11 or under taking part in the Carnival will have the chance to put their name in a draw with the prize of turning on the lights at this year's Midhurst Christmas Street party, which takes place on Friday 6th December.

All are welcome to join the parade. This is definitely a case of the more the merrier. 


If you want more info or want to join in the fun please contact Kayleigh Collyer (MTC Events and Promotions Officer) on or ring 01730 816953 or 07772691931.