Finance, Asset, Community & Environment (FACE)

Finance, Asset, Community & Environment (FACE)

The Finance, Asset, Community & Environment Committee (FACE) is responsible for the following;

  • All Finance/Audits
  • The Old Library
  • Cemetery & Lodge
  • Council Policy & Procedures
  • Recreation Equipment (Park Equipment and Skate Park)
  • Floral Displays and Christmas Lights
  • Caring for our town, such as litter picking and verge clearing
  • Events & Initiatives, such as the Christmas Street Party and the Summer Street Party and the monthly market.
  • Other ad-hoc events and projects undertaken by the Council or in partnership with other organisations.

Councillors and Council Staff prepare Business cases for all new and amended projects that the Council undertakes. Once approved by Council they are submitted to the finance, Asset & Policy Committee for approval and inclusion in the preparation for the next budget.

The Clerk and The Chairman of the Finance, Asset & Policy Committee set the budget at the end of the year for the following financial year and request the precept from Chichester District Council.

Chair; John Travers 

Vice-Chair; Dominic Merritt