Are there two vaccination programmes running in Midhurst?

Yes, one is being run by the Riverbank Medical Centre and the other is by Midhurst Pharmacy, in the Memorial Hall at the South Downs Centre.

Which one will I be contacted by and how will they contact me?

Riverbank Medical Centre continue to contact their patients in the first 4 priority groups for their Covid-19 vaccination. They are contacting patients that are registered with their practise and administer the vaccine at the Medical Centre.

Midhurst Pharmacy is an NHS ‘vaccination hub’ so focusses on the wider community. If you are eligible to receive a vaccination and haven’t received it through your GP you will receive a letter offering you to book a vaccination at a local hub. If you think you may be eligible but haven’t received a letter please contact Midhurst Pharmacy¬†Here.

Are they administering different vaccines?

Riverbank Medical Centre have been vaccinating with the Pfiezer vaccine, Midhurst Pharmacy are vaccinating with the Oxford AstraZeneca.

I don’t know where the Memorial Hall is!¬†

We politely request that if you are visiting Midhurst for your vaccination to observe social distancing and wear appropriate face coverings if you need to enter any of our shops and public spaces.