Cemetery and Burials

Cemetery and Burials

Set in a quiet leafy green area at the top of Carron Lane, adjacent to Midhurst Common, the Cemetery has been used for burials since 1878 and there are now about three and a half thousand recorded burials. Earlier burials in the town will have been in the Parish Churchyard and details of these are held by the West Sussex Record Office.

The Cemetery is non denominational and primarily serves the parishioners of Midhurst though non parishioners may apply for an Exclusive Right of Burial.

The Cemetery was formerly managed by Midhurst Rural District Council and in 1947, recognising that the burial ground would need to be extended if it were to continue to serve the needs of local people, the Council resolved to buy an additional piece of land from the Cowdray Estate for that purpose. The conveyance was finalised in November 1950. The additional land was not needed immediately and for some years it was used for growing Christmas Trees. The area began to be used for burials early this century and a substantial area was consecrated in February 2002 by the Bishop of Horsham, the Rt. Rev. Lindsay Urwin.

In 1970 an area was designated as a Garden of Remembrance for the burial of cremated remains. The original 186 plots were allocated by 1998 and this area has now also been extended to approximately twice its original size.

Since 1974 the Cemetery has been managed by Midhurst Town Council. All enquiries should be directed to the Council offices, Tel. 01730 816953 or by emailing office@midhurst-tc.gov.uk

Exclusive Rights of burial – What does this mean?

Purchasing an Exclusive Right of Burial grants a right, during the period stated in the Grant, to say who can be buried in the grave. It does not transfer any ownership of the land which remains with Midhurst Town Council.

Why is a permit needed to put a memorial on the grave?

Prior to a memorial being erected on a grave space, a memorial application form has to be completed by the grave owners. Memorials need to conform to cemetery regulations with regard to size and fixings, The cemetery staff need to check that the memorial conforms to regulations, is approved by the owner of the Exclusive Right and will be erected in a safe manner. The owner of the Exclusive Right of Burial is responsible for the maintenance of the memorial.

Why can’t I have what I want on the grave?

When a new grave is purchased it is not the ownership of the land itself that is purchased, but the rights to have burials take place in that grave. These rights are “granted” together with the rights to erect a memorial on the grave in accordance with the rules and regulations of the cemetery. It is important that you choose the cemetery that will provide you with the type of memorial that you require as regulations differ from area to area. Carron Lane regulations may be seen on this website, at the cemetery or by contacting the Town Council office 01730 816953 to make enquiries about the choices and options available.

Downloadable Documents for the Cemetery are available in the Documents Tab or by clicking on the links below.

Cemetery Fees – Updated October 2023 

Midhurst Town Council (MTC) Rules and Regulations for Carron Lane Cemetery

Extract from 2008 Cemetery Regulations – Flowers and Memorials

Interment Application 2023

Right Of Burial Transfer Request Form 2023

Permission to Introduce a Memorial at Carron Lane Cemetery