Apply to become a Councillor

Apply to become a Councillor

Are you interested in becoming a Councillor for Midhurst Town Council?

Midhurst Town Councillors are elected to represent the residents of Midhurst and make decisions on their behalf.  There are 15 seats on the Town Council. You can see our current Councillors on our Council Member page.

Midhurst Town Council is responsible for:

  • The daily operation, and maintenance of Carron Lane Cemetery, Recreation Ground, Skate Park and Play Park.
  • The maintenance, and improvements of St Ann’s Hill
  • Hall bookings for The Old Library on Knockhundred Row, at which the Town Council hold their meetings.
  • The delivery of  large scale events annually  – Summer Street Party, Christmas Street Party and Skate Jam at the Skate Park.
  • The refurbishment of Lilac Cottage, a recently acquired town asset to host Midhurst Community Hub alongside other projects.
  • The delivery of free events for families throughout the year in half term and holidays.
  • The delivery of the Midhurst Farmers and Artisan monthly markets.
  • Public realm improvements, such as the recent Northern Gateway project and the refurbishment of the telephone box on North Street.
  • Working collaboratively with other organisations in Midhurst and surrounding areas to ensure the quality of life for residents.

There are currently 4 Council Meetings held each month; Planning and Infrastructure x2, FACE (Finance, Assets, Community and Environment) and Full Council.  Please see our 2024/2025 calendar here for more information.

The Minimum requirements to become a councillor are;

  • You must be over 18 years of age.
  • You must be registered on the electoral roll,
  • You must reside or have your principal place of work within three miles of the Parish for at least twelve months.
  • Have not been declared bankrupt, been subject to

We welcome all interested parties to get in touch with our Clerk, Sharon Hurr by emailing or calling 01730 816953.